A Family At War

Life in 1944 Germany is hard enough, without your family turning against you. As the front-line creeps ever closer to home, Gertie fears for the worst. Danger from the enemy or from the Nazi Authorities is never far away. Betrayal is a constant risk. She is forced to share her home with another family. Tensions within her family reach breaking point. Gertie is at last home from unjust imprisonment but still suffers panic attacks and nightmares about the treatment she received. Gestapo officer, Konrad Richter will not let her forget it and continues to torment her. Every day, Gertie questions her beliefs and values as she learns more about what is happening in Germany. Her husband Albert is horrified when she puts her life, maybe their lives, at risk – again. But what can she do? What can one woman do? Gertie can’t keep her head down and hope to survive. It’s not that easy when her family is at war. A story of everyday life in terrifying times.
ISBN: 9781803027852
Type: Paperback
Pages: 462
Published: 5 July 2023
Price: $14.45

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