A Picture all Askew

A Picture all Askew A corpse is found on a towpath close to a fisherman’s public house. ‘She was a very beautiful woman’ said the landlord – but he had not known her well. ‘A Picture all Askew’ explores the character of Felicity – who was ‘all things to all men’ – and one woman: Vicky, the principal narrator. But Vicky’s perception of Felicity was not shared by her husband, Bill - not until the very end. He kept from Vicky just how much he found Felicity alluring… Then there are the two men who shared Felicity’s cottage: Loyal Peter, who adored her slavishly, and Tristan, who Felicity introduced as ‘my undergraduate son’, and Felicity’s daughter, Isolde. The verbal pictures they painted were all bafflingly contradictory… Miles came closest to seeing through the many layers of Felicity to the real, hidden person. He was the only one to take direct action. Certainly her ex-husband, a retiring, barely-glimpsed peer of the realm, had merely removed himself from her life – Whereas all the others have reasons to wish Felicity removed from theirs – Which one will be pushed into turning ‘Wish’ into ‘Action’?
ISBN: 9781785104688
Type: Paperback
Pages: 257
Published: 13 January 2015
Price: $12.95

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