Alice Moves On

Alice Moves On - sequel to The Rebirth of Alice Chastity Parsons –finds her in 1975, married, but alone. Her husband, Dirk, visiting his sick mother back in South Africa, has been arrested for activities against Apartheid. On her second wedding anniversary Dirk phones saying ‘Forget me – you may never see me again…’ He is cut off. She later learns he was dragged off in a police van. No-one can give information – is he dead or alive? Rudderless and despairing, she resorts to pills and regrettable sexual flings then takes the Magic Bus to Crete through Tito’s Yugoslavia searching for Guthrie, (psychic and wise) hoping to learn how to cope without Dirk. Her quest failing, Alice finds solace in travel, and help from Bob Marsden in Greece, and sexy Giuliano in Italy. The illness, then death of her father brings her back home. In 1978 she opens her first Italian restaurant, and is traced there by Bob Marsden, who came to her aid when her money was stolen in Athens, and who was strongly attracted to her. They consider setting up a new life together in Cornwall – but always hanging over them is the question – will Dirk ever return?
ISBN: 9781785109843
Type: Paperback
Pages: 379
Published: 21 July 2015
Price: $12.95

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