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THE REBIRTH OF ALICE CHASTITY PARSONS By DEBBIE DARKIN. Debbie Darkin, like her heroine, Alice, spent the late 1960’s and early ‘70’s on the periphery of the Hippy Scene in a number of venues in England, although once she’d summoned up the courage to hitch-hike, she explored Scotland, Wales and Cornwall (most decidedly a separate nation, she was told). The experience proved mind-boggling, enchanting, but initially very shocking and quite dreadful at times; but left lasting memories of brilliant colours, shifting patterns, a ‘secret’ language, music and laughter, and a comradeship unequalled before or since – for one thing, it was the first time in her experience that women learned to trust and value each other. She also came to meet some of the ‘Movers and Shakers’ who are mentioned ‘in passing’ in the novel. Otherwise the characters are fictitious. Likewise, some venues and events will have been shared by many; one or two may be recalled by a very few. These memories have only grown brighter with the passing of the years, and so Debbie felt compelled to write them down and pass them on, hoping to delight Those Who Were There, and interest those who were not, but wish they had been… Debbie has written, and is writing other books. These also depict places she has lived and worked in, from the City of London to New Orleans, the West Country and Cornwall; and experiences through jobs as varied as shorthand typist, barmaid, waitress, nursing assistant in the days of ferocious Sisters – and artists’ model for Art Colleges. So watch this space – and like the hippies, Debbie says – ‘See You In A Minute.’

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A Picture all Askew A corpse is found on a towpath close to a fisherman’s public house. ‘She was a very beautiful woman’ said the landlord – but he had not known her well. ‘A Picture all Askew’ explores the character of Felicity – who was ‘all things to a....
ISBN: 9781785104688
Published: 13 January 2015
Alice Moves On - sequel to The Rebirth of Alice Chastity Parsons –finds her in 1975, married, but alone. Her husband, Dirk, visiting his sick mother back in South Africa, has been arrested for activities against Apartheid. On her second wedding anniversar....
ISBN: 9781785109843
Published: 21 July 2015
Alice Chastity Parsons is a downtrodden spinster of thirty-three, resigned to a life serving her parents and the forbidding, judgemental Flock of The Divine Shepherd – until a tatterdemalion band of hippies descend on sleepy Washingham. “She ogled them as....
ISBN: 9781784072261
Published: 11 December 2013