How can an unknown dead man, found by some bored kids in a provincial town, be connected to a teenage girl murdered in a hot spot for prostitution in Paris west end ? How can top executives and politicians be involved in human traffic ? How can a top-notch blue-chip corporation be entangled in shady deals with eastern mafia networks ? How can respectable honourable healthy human beings decide in cold blood to simply eliminate someone who disagrees with their company policy ? This is the intricate puzzle Lou and I are lumbered with … and hardly anyone is lifting a finder to help us. This case stinks from the starts, and on top of it, the judge in charge gets pressure from the “highest levels of power” to pass on the investigation to Special Branch. Up to the point when we both wonder what we’re doing in this joint … Fortunately, a few people still have enough courage and integrity to make our life worth living.
ISBN: 9781785105982
Type: Paperback
Pages: 612
Published: 9 March 2015
Price: $17.71

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