Sharon was so happy to get tenure at the marine microbiology laboratory of the University of Southern California. She could at last focus on her own research to unveil the mystery of bacterial communication. That’s when she began to face hidden bigotry of the scientific world. As her investigations progressed, she realized that scientists do not like to question their assumptions and beliefs. She could hardly believe that such educated scientists could behave so rudely and ruthlessly, just like illiterate thugs. Most of her dreams about the beauty of searching for the truth of natural events and understanding the world around us were nearly shattered by her horrific experiences. Fortunately, she found out that she could rely on the support from the most unexpected sources, from creatures who showed understanding and empathy… even though they didn’t even have a brain ! She realized that for her own safety and sanity, she had to refrain from sharing with the academic community her discovery of the most wonderfully fascinating features of bacterial behavior and personality. She had discovered a world of collective knowledge shared by every creature in the universe. She became a close friend to her familiar bacterial community who helped her grow spiritually with her human friend.
ISBN: 9781803023540
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 384
Published: 17 February 2022
Price: $22.69

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