Alcan's Bane

Carlyn has been a servant to the story-teller Vervain all his life. When Vervain dies unexpectedly, Carlyn sets out to seek his own true identity, and learn how he came to be Vervain's servant. His quest leads him to an enchanted castle where he meets a beautiful girl called Linnet who serves the bitter old Queen. The Queen is determined to become young again with the aid of a magic staff called Alchan's Bane. When Carlyn is told that Vervain stole the staff from the castle many years ago, he knows the old man he had loved would not have done such a thing. This is a dark tale of evil intentions and noble deeds. Will Carlyn discover the truth behind a web of sorcery and lies before the Queen succeeds in her selfish plan?
ISBN: 9781785104817
Type: Paperback
Pages: 136
Published: 21 January 2015
Price: $10.25

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