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Carlyn has been a servant to the story-teller Vervain all his life. When Vervain dies unexpectedly, Carlyn sets out to seek his own true identity, and learn how he came to be Vervain's servant. His quest leads him to an enchanted castle where he meets a b....
ISBN: 9781785104817
Published: 21 January 2015
The heroine is an unloved and neglected princess who discovers herself, her sexuality and emotional strength in a series of misadventures. This is a coming-of-age drama in which a young woman rebels against her overbearing and immortal DaemonKing father, ....
ISBN: 9781785104756
Published: 21 January 2015
A fantasy that reads like a thriller; a hero who can't accept responsibility; an omnipotent dictator; and a psychopath who has remained hidden for many centuries. A tale where dark deeds meet honour and where integrity conflicts against greed, but where t....
ISBN: 9781785106316
Published: 23 March 2015
Emotionally scarred by childhood experiences, Jesse runs away from home at fourteen years of age. Living outside the bounds of society, this self destructive child works as a prostitute before being involved in a life-threatening accident. She is nursed b....
ISBN: 9781785106323
Published: 23 March 2015
Liam, a troubled teenager, goes to stay with his cousin June, a blind girl who sees things that others can’t. Together, they are thrust into a frightening adventure. Modern lives clash against old magic, and the ultimate outcome threatens the survival of ....
ISBN: 9781786974785
Published: 17 November 2016