An Inconvenient Truth

Jack is a whistle blowing Scientist. An unpleasant, interfering, troublemaker, he’s convinced work colleagues are falsifying reports, even breaking the law in an effort at gaining results. With his battle cry being ‘No-one cares any more’ he determines to release details of their transgressions, without, of course, incriminating himself. Matt is a reporter full of anger and resentment, opinionated and ready to blame others for his shortcomings. Whilst he’s a competent reporter, he’s easily distracted and likes a tipple. He would never be considered for promotion, regardless to the number of times he applies. Anne writes a twice weekly gossipy ‘show-biz’ column, its success down to her hard work. Since her husband’s death, alone with no family, she struggles with even the simplest of tasks and appears to be heading for a breakdown. Jack, Matt and Anne, not the likeliest of partnerships to champion a cause, undeterred they take on the might of the government and step into a world of espionage and treason. However, it’s not long before they understand an Inconvenient Truth – The fact something is true doesn’t imply they can automatically publish the incriminating details.
ISBN: 9781784073190
Type: Paperback
Pages: 344
Published: 16 January 2014
Price: $12.95

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