GREG AND I A Comedy Novel, Gregory Sinclair Hay-Peters wasn’t the type of person I would normally find myself mixing with. He was a bit of an upper-class twit; head full of the classics, Latin and other obscure learning that only a private education gives one. Unfortunately, the normal everyday information of life, vital for his success in the modern world, was sadly lacking. His wealthy parents, living in rural Newmarket set up their only son in a two bed roomed apartment in a salubrious area in north London, and understanding their sons short falling’s, set about looking for a roommate/chaperone, someone streetwise. My parents lived in the open spaces of Suffolk, hard working but not wealthy, I had a secondary education, two A’s and two B’s, but with no jobs in Suffolk, I arrived in London determined to succeed, with six hundred pounds to my name and rented a room in a shared rundown house. Fate lent a helping hand and unbelievably, Greg and I were soon sharing the two bed roomed apartment, courtesy of Greg’s parents. No-one could have foreseen the trouble we would get in.
ISBN: 9781782998860
Type: Paperback
Pages: 307
Published: 4 September 2013
Price: $12.95

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