JANE GREY, Murder/ Mystery, with a touch of Romance Keeps you guessing to the last page Jane’s whole world crumbles around her when her husband unexpectedly dies at the age of forty. Traumatised and heading for a breakdown, she needs time to adjust. However, the mortgage and utility bills wait for no-one. Left with little choice but to return to work – each day is a bitter struggle. Mick, a co-worker, is a lustful lecher whose reputation precedes him; he said he would turn his life around for Jane. However, Jane see’s him as an ‘obnoxious evil person’ who dabbles in criminality. To compound her grief, helping her to sink even deeper into the cloying morose of her personal torment - Jane is arrested. This is how she meets Sergeant Towers. He is a confident policeman, but awkward with the opposite sex. He fancies Jane, but is hesitant to ask her out. He see’s Mick, not only as a criminal, but also as a rival for Jane’s hand.
ISBN: 9781782997092
Type: Paperback
Pages: 334
Published: 16 July 2013
Price: $12.95

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