SYNOPSIS Wealth and power are what count in the heady atmosphere of social and business activities in Boston, that is until a brutal murder is committed against an innocent bride to be. Her antique engagement ring, worth more than $2,000,000, disappears and then reappears back with the family who had gifted it to her. The head of the family, Miller Killaine, is suspected to be involved in the girl’s torture and slaying but there is no proof, only supposition. Lynden Deller is the detective sergeant investigator looking into the case and, coincidentally, he is a member of another wealthy Boston Family. When it seems that his team have a concrete lead in the case, one of his detectives is also murdered, and a new direction has to be taken. Meanwhile The Killaine Corporation and The Deller Financial Conglomerate are battling to win a multi-billion dollar city redevelopment scheme and Miller has more dirty moves up his sleeve while Charles Deller, Lynden’s elder sibling, runs his business honestly and above board. The two families, without knowing, are tied by fate and circumstance, leading to violence and murder, and startling revelations which will rock the foundations of both and the companies they own.
ISBN: 9781786971821
Type: Paperback
Pages: 596
Published: 19 July 2016
Price: $14.95

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