DAMASCUS STEEL – OUTLINE A young girl and her mother are severely and continually physically abused by by their preacher father and husband. So much so that, on the night a heavy cupboard falls on her mother during another fit of spousal violence, the young girl takes her father unawares and stabs him in the neck using a kitchen knife. She cleans her mother’s bloody face and rearranges her clothes in a decent manner. She showers, packs, takes what money she can find, locks up and leaves the home. The girl is severely, psychologically damaged and begins a life of punishing men of her father’s ilk. On the other side of her character, lies the love and gentleness instilled in her by her gentle mother. The FBI have been chasing her for 20 years but the normal side of her character sees her meld into the general populace and, indeed, be a success in business. Kira Lang is an African American detective sergeant with Cuyahoga County Detective Bureau. She, with her partner, John Deering, become involved in the case when another man falls victim to the Clean Killer at a burger stop in their jurisdiction. Fate sees the two women eventually meet in an exclusive lesbian club, Doors, and fall in love. Lawrence
ISBN: 9781786971715
Type: Paperback
Pages: 440
Published: 19 July 2016
Price: $14.45

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