Bee Keeping for Cats

Under the soft fur of every domestic cat beats the heart of a killer and if you think your cat is an exception – think again! Do you really know what it gets up to when out on the prowl? Or for that matter, what it may be planning as it lies on your lap, eyes closed purring in apparent ecstasy? All cats are killers, it's only a matter of degree. This confession by an apparently harmless tabby may add to your understanding. Vince, a black American boxer cat, rules the neighbourhood and is the epitome of evil. Lettuce, a timid tabby kitten moves in next door. Is it the influence of Vince which turns her into a ruthless killer, or a psychotic rebellion against her given name? From small beginnings to the ultimate kill, Lettuce revels in her reputation as a blood thirsty tabby.
ISBN: 9781786972538
Type: Paperback
Pages: 186
Published: 1 September 2016
Price: $11.95

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