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Peter Geoffrey Tye: Grew up in the Hampshire village of Hartley Wespall, joined the Royal Navy at the age of fifteen and completed eight years service. Peter then embarked on a marketing career which led to copy writing and in 1977, setting up of his own business, Tyelines, at 87 Fleet Street. From his 4th floor office he looked out over the Daily Express building to the front, and St. Bride’s churchyard at the rear. From this cosy eyrie he provided a business writing service to blue chip companies in the City of London. Peter’s involvement with children’s entertainment began in 1993, when he produced Colin Reeder’s Little Red Tractor Stories for television. Following Colin’s untimely death in 1994 he wrote new Little Red Tractor stories for TV and book publication. He now lives in Norfolk, where he is an enthusiastic, if very average golfer and continues to write children’s stories. Most recently,'Bee Keeping for Cats' and 'Badman: The Ghost of King John', novels for older children and young at heart adults.

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A Norfolk Manor House is believed to be haunted by the evil spirit of King John. On the 5th october 1216, King John is in Norfolk, in the port of Lynn. The name will change to King's Lynn after his death and he is already suffering the onset of a fatal il....
ISBN: 9781786971746
Published: 19 July 2016
Under the soft fur of every domestic cat beats the heart of a killer and if you think your cat is an exception – think again! Do you really know what it gets up to when out on the prowl? Or for that matter, what it may be planning as it lies on your lap, ....
ISBN: 9781786972538
Published: 1 September 2016
A boy, who should be doing his homework, draws a crocodile on a misty window in his bedroom. The crocodile turns and gobbles him up. Inside the crocodile's mouth he meets a girl from his class at school, who also drew a crocodile. Drench, a strange green ....
ISBN: 9781781765364
Published: 10 July 2012