Crocodile Tours

A boy, who should be doing his homework, draws a crocodile on a misty window in his bedroom. The crocodile turns and gobbles him up. Inside the crocodile's mouth he meets a girl from his class at school, who also drew a crocodile. Drench, a strange green character appears and confirms they are on his list for a Crocodile Tour; all they need is fuel for the trip. He leads them to a control room which looks out through the crocodile's eyes. They see an artist painting a crocodile - it is their head teacher. When they tell Drench how horrid she is, he moves a lever and accompanied by a piercing scream and a dreadful crunching sound, she disappears. The crocodile has re-fuelled! They have tickets for north Africa and the crocodile, part animal, part machine, sets off at a tremendous pace. They are on a weird, zany trip to Ancient Egypt and a dispute with a Pharaoh!
ISBN: 9781781765364
Type: Paperback
Pages: 79
Published: 10 July 2012
Price: $9.29

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