Beneath The Lilac Tree (Bridie's Destiny)

William Fairfax is hiding a dreadful secret. A name change does little to mollify the fear of discovery, and his cover is almost blown by Laura the girl he has fallen in love with, when he accepts an invitation to dinner, and is introduced to Viscount George De Ville, who feels certain they have met before. George’s mother, Countess of Brindlecote, is determined to improve the lot of the working classes, especially the miners following the General Strike. Bridie McMahon cannot forget her past, when she, a naïve young girl, along with her family, experienced life in the notorious courts of Liverpool. She sets out on a mission to reinstate Bramdene Castle as a hospital, but can she alleviate the jealousy she still attracts from some quarters, and persuade the more affluent in society to recognise the need for change? Laura is admitted to hospital following an accident, where she is cared for by a pretty Irish nurse. On a visit to George’s home, William is introduced to the Countess, and something stirs in his memory … his friend’s mother is the image of that nurse. Strange indeed …
ISBN: 9781786979902
Type: Paperback
Pages: 524
Published: 9 September 2017
Price: $14.95

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