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William Fairfax is hiding a dreadful secret. A name change does little to mollify the fear of discovery, and his cover is almost blown by Laura the girl he has fallen in love with, when he accepts an invitation to dinner, and is introduced to Viscount Geo....
ISBN: 9781786979902
Published: 9 September 2017
At the turn of the twentieth century Ireland is in the throes of depression, work is scarce and families are starving. .Michael McMahon makes the decision to come to England but his vision of a new life is ephemeral. Blighted by the squalid conditions tha....
ISBN: 9781786978868
Published: 8 July 2017
Black clouds were looming over Europe. Britain had scarcely recovered from the shocking abdication of Edward the Eighth before the announcement came that the country was at war with Germany. Determined to play her part, Bridie along with Mary, volunteered....
ISBN: 9781788760300
Published: 12 October 2017
At just eight years old, Katy O’Donnell stood on the Dublin waterfront with her beloved grandmother and watched as her parents boarded a ship bound for Ellis Island, leaving her with the promise they would send for her when they had settled and found work....
ISBN: 9781788760461
Published: 11 October 2017
Last year, whilst on holiday in Cornwall I discovered, among bracken, and a far cry from the tourist trail, a ruined tin mine standing stark against the skyline. A clump of grass sprouted through crumbling brickwork, as if defying the dark and dankness of....
ISBN: 9781788760041
Published: 21 September 2017