Poppies Among The Barley (Bridie's War)

Black clouds were looming over Europe. Britain had scarcely recovered from the shocking abdication of Edward the Eighth before the announcement came that the country was at war with Germany. Determined to play her part, Bridie along with Mary, volunteered to drive an ambulance for the Red Cross. The ravages of war brought back memories of another conflict, as maimed soldiers were brought back from overseas, often with scarce hope of survival. On an impromptu visit to London, Bridie’s world crashed around her when she saw the wreckage of a car she recognised, flattened beneath a load of masonry triggered by an unexploded bomb … it belonged to Alfie. In a state of shock she returned to Cornwall. But would she find an answer to the desolation that engulfed her? When the dreadful news came that her son George had been taken prisoner by the Germans, Bridie’s worry was exacerbated; for Lucinda, her daughter-in-law had shared some surprising news. But would George ever hear it …?
ISBN: 9781788760300
Type: Paperback
Pages: 346
Published: 12 October 2017
Price: $12.95

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