Blue Moon Walking

Matthew Trekowsky looked up from the roof of his Bronx tenement and there they were—twin vapor trails converging on a bright silver dot high, high above. He was mesmerized. He had no idea where the objects of his fascination came from or where they went—visual snapshots flitting from one horizon to the other atop the forest of rooftop antennas that was his playground. He knew, though, that he was destined to be a pilot. Matthew never became a pilot. As he drifted into adolescence then adulthood that dream, suppressed, buried, subordinated but always there lurking in his psyche, became the one consistency in a chaotic existence as Matthew’s life lurched from one disaster to another. What for anybody else would be a rarity—a once in a blue moon nightmare—survived, then care taken to never allow a repetition, for Matthew was the norm. Matthew felt that blue moon—a combination of bad luck and bad choices—was walking alongside him. He never got it that the inexplicable was him instinctively, unknowingly, laying the groundwork for what was destined to be the next debacle. If only I would’ve become a pilot he would think as he surveyed the debris of yet another fiasco; as if, as a pilot—a goal thwarted through no fault of his own of course—all the lousy breaks would have been mitigated. Then, that blue moon slapped Matthew alongside the head—hard enough for him to realize that the latest abyss he was teetering on—and all that had occurred before—was of his own making. And if he slid down, he wasn’t getting out alive. He noted, then, with vague interest that the concept of his own death didn’t bother him—obviously, that was the goal he had set years earlier. Other lives would also be dragged down; and that concerned him—in itself surprising—and for once, he would have to avert the calamity he had put in motion. He just didn’t know if he was up to it.
ISBN: 9781835971475
Type: Paperback
Pages: 240
Published: 29 April 2024
Price: $12.50

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