Brick Babies and Paper Dolls

At the height of the big blitz in the early 1940’s, Annie O’Brien and Dora Doran are two little girls born into a deprived, working class area of Liverpool’s docklands. While re-creating play homes from the bombed buildings rubble, they each have dreams of escape. Annie has aspirations of one day becoming a famous film star. Dora’s main objective is to run away from home as soon as she can. Following the girls through their formative years from age ten, we follow their lives as they pursue different paths. Annie now aged 18 and working as a department store cashier while waiting to start her nurse’s training, meets, by chance, a very different Dora to the morose, sad little girl she grew up with. She is shocked to learn that her childhood friend is now making a very comfortable living as an escort with additional benefits on offer. Secrets and lies from Dora’s childhood come out as the teenagers rekindle their friendship and reflect on their early years. Links with America brings about a big disclosure, and the future holds many changes for both girls as one of them strives to achieve her ultimate goal.
ISBN: 9781839458798
Type: Paperback
Pages: 286
Published: 7 April 2021
Price: $12.95

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