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A collection of stories, some short, some long. 'American Connection' An unrequited love story. 'The Escape' Does the bright light spell safety or danger? 'Time Slip' Trapped by a change in time. 'Mind Games' A cruel trick of nature. 'The Premonition' Can....
ISBN: 9781786971166
Published: 28 June 2016
Invited by older brothers, Joe and Robert, to join their successful company in America, 19 year old country boy Michael McBride is booked on the Titanic. After surviving the the sinking and unaware that their family business has been built on corruption w....
ISBN: 9781785103971
Published: 9 December 2014
At the height of the big blitz in the early 1940’s, Annie O’Brien and Dora Doran are two little girls born into a deprived, working class area of Liverpool’s docklands. While re-creating play homes from the bombed buildings rubble, they each have dreams o....
ISBN: 9781839458798
Published: 7 April 2021
‘Loving in Fear’is a story about changes in a relationship when caring and looking after becomes manipulation and control. Kathy believes this is love. Ignoring warnings from friends only helps Adam to alienate and isolate her. Through jealousy and suspic....
ISBN: 9781785106446
Published: 3 April 2015
After a serious incident at her luxurious home, thirteen year old, privately educated, Amy Harrington, finds herself escaping on a train into an uncertain future. Driven by fear, and in the belief that she has killed her stepfather, she flees the privileg....
ISBN: 9781785103841
Published: 4 December 2014