Loving in Fear

‘Loving in Fear’is a story about changes in a relationship when caring and looking after becomes manipulation and control. Kathy believes this is love. Ignoring warnings from friends only helps Adam to alienate and isolate her. Through jealousy and suspicion, things escalate into violence. As her self-esteem dwindles, he tells her it’s all her fault, and she takes the blame, he’ll change if she doesn't provoke him. She only feels close when they make love; making sure that she is satisfied is just another form of his control over her. He reveals a dark secret from his childhood, she believes this is why he chose her above any of the voluptuous girls at school. Convincing herself this is the cause of his paranoia, she tries to keep him pacified. Threats to harm her family keep her from leaving. Believing he’ll change when they have children, she is wrong. Now he has something more to hold over her; the safety of her little girls. Finally finding a way to escape him, she sets her plan in motion but is forced to take drastic action when she believes the children’s lives are in imminent danger. A bloody scene sends Kathy and the children fleeing to their secret hide-out.
ISBN: 9781785106446
Type: Paperback
Pages: 260
Published: 3 April 2015
Price: $12.95

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