CASHBACK…. One year on from receiving a coded text that had brought turmoil and death into his life, Pete Jackson, ex-SAS soldier turned private investigator, once again receives the coded text message. The same word ..ABIGAIL! Who sent it? Two of the four people who knew the code are dead, the third person denies sending it. The fourth is Jackson himself. Jackson also has to deal with new twists in his personal life which he must put on hold as he undertakes another contract with Pegasus. This time they want him to find $50million USD of missing CIA money. The coded text was sent from someone in America! Pete Jackson decides to accept the job, once more it will bring him in contact with death as he searches for the money, and the sender of the text ‘ABIGAIL’. He is about to go on a journey that will take him to Mexico, then on to Texas and finally Washington D.C. looking for his answers.
ISBN: 9781785100871
Type: Paperback
Pages: 264
Published: 17 September 2014
Price: $14.50

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