Death and Then Some

Pete Jackson is a private investigator, he is also ex-SAS. When one of his former colleagues dies Pete attends his cremation. This simple act plunges Pete into investigating the death of his friend, an investigation that involves murder, people trafficking, and ultimately revenge. In order to find out the truth he involves Pegasus, a company who hires ex-special forces personnel for special missions, this would also be an act that would change Pete Jackson's life in the future. Richard Barrington-Smythe and his wife Lucy, owners of Trans World, are rich and ruthless. They will stop at nothing to achieve their aims, both have secrets that they would not wish to be made public. For Pete Jackson, a man who had faced death on many occasions and who believed that death was a certainty of life, the journey through the investigation would see him meet old friends and extract the ultimate revenge. It would also show him that in life there was death, and then some.
ISBN: 9781784071752
Type: Paperback
Pages: 273
Published: 19 November 2013
Price: $14.50

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