Lancelot Cummins certainly lived up to his name. He lanced 'em a lot and cum in 'em too. A gamekeeper he live with nature and emulated such. Similar to a ferret he visited any nook and cranny. Like a mole in and out of holes. He broke his duck when his spoggy visited the love nest of a commoner. Jumping off her and straight between the thighs of an aristocrat. Nor did Lady Sarah like the f word. Her preference was to bonk. Ever the gentleman Lance conceded. He simply fucked Jane and bonked Sarah. Lady Sarah literally demanding his stud duties. He bonked her on the eve of her wedding and wedding day and her bridesmaids in an orgy of sex. He also consumated the marriage for his lordship. Free of his yoke with his spoggy having grown into a magnificent eagle he now sought fresh love nests. Addicted to sex he advertised for virgins to deflower. Having a long term affair with a married woman fulfilling or her bizarre fetish. Then he fell in love with a self confessed nymphomaniac. When that went pear shape he visited boom, boom city, namely Bangkok. There he exchanged Bhat for Siamese pussy. He met the love of his life when she had just left the bed of another. Both were naked. In spite of which there were still many twists and turns to endure.
ISBN: 9781781765586
Type: Paperback
Pages: 427
Published: 18 July 2012
Price: $14.45

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