Crude is a Dirty Word

After enduring dead end jobs for my first 3 years in the UK then a 5-year Engineering apprenticeship which was boring by the way. The idea of jumping out the pan and into a fire (the fire being the Oil rigs) sounded a no brainer, or was it? At first it was terrifying mainly because I had no clue what to expect I didn't even know what an Oil rig looked like in fact I very nearly quit before I started. It turned out to be a great adventure touring the world working with a huge diversity of people and how they lived. I faced death several incidents, I spent a week unloading bodies after the Piper Alpha. I had a colleague die in my arms; it took me 2 years to get past that one. There were two attempts to kidnap me in Nigeria while working as an Auditor (if I wrote a bad report the rig would close).
ISBN: 9781803028637
Type: Paperback
Pages: 230
Published: 12 July 2023
Price: $12.65

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