Stalked by the Grim Reaper

I got persuaded to do some inspections in Nigeria where I together with the crew get taken Hostage, my softer side sets me free. 4 years later my second trip to Nigeria, does not go well while writing up a report the Tool Pusher bursts into the office “the rebels are on their way get out now a chopper will be on deck in 5 minutes” as we run from the shelter of the Bridge to the hovering chopper half way across I could see bullets smashing into the deck before me, my knees nearly gave way through fright I managed to leap on board and curl up in a ball on the floor Miles the sparky working with me landed next me, we stayed that way for a few minutes, too scared to uncoil until I felt a fluid creeping through my fingers on the floor I looked closer it was blood and a lot of it, I quickly checked myself it was not mine Miles had not moved I looked to see where the blood was coming from, Miles had a large gash in his neck a bullet had passed through the side of his juggler ripping it open I tried holding it together I was terrified there was a lot of pressure, it kept coming I shouted to the pilots they were going as fast as possible the floor was covered with blood I was slipping in it, one of them threw a first aid kit to me but all I could do was use the bandages and gauze to stem the flow there must have been another injury I missed, my colleague did not make it. After a few near misses I had become Blaise about death I had come close on occasion but by pure chance I came through it or did the Grim reaper have some other outcome for me, all that changed for Miles with just a millimeter that made the difference between life and death. I was in shock for a long time after that, it was a while before I could face work again. A year later I cross paths with the Chinese Mafia (Triads) in Shenzhen province.
ISBN: 9781839452819
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 166
Published: 23 April 2020
Price: $11.95

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