Dangerous Games - A Jake Collins Novel

Jake Collins has a long and chequered history, some of it rather unpleasant. Whilst waiting at a bar for his flight out of New York City, JC's murky past decides to rear its ugly head once more. He lays eyes upon a man from days long gone by, a notorious bomb-maker of deadly repute. If some of Jake's history has been extremely bloody, then this man's path through life has been positively unspeakable. He is also supposed to be dead... The chance encounter hurls Jake Collins into a wicked maze of lies, deceit, and danger. He is unwittingly thrown into a twisted charade, a deadly game where death is the only prize for runners-up. Jake discovers that if he doesn't play this particular game by his enemies' unbreakable rules, then those nearest and dearest to him will pay with their lives. There are no choices for JC - he either plays his part, or his friends will pay the ultimate price. However, whilst weaving their lethal web of unstoppable greed and blinding arrogance, Jake's invisible enemies have made one, vital mistake. Jake Collins is a man who doesn't mind playing games, especially dangerous ones. But, he absolutely hates losing...
ISBN: 9781782993582
Type: Paperback
Pages: 224
Published: 26 April 2013
Price: $12.65

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