Some are born and some have been chosen. Born or chosen, it matters not – once a Hunter, always a Hunter. Pure of soul, clear of eye, and brave to the point of insanity, to be a Hunter is their destiny. They live to fight an invisible evil, one lying scattered amongst everything mankind knows. The Darkness must be destroyed, and there is no price the Hunters will not pay to achieve their goal. Kenneth Robinson sees himself as a normal guy, simply working hard and trying to make the best of his life. Unfortunately, he managed acquired a certain set of skills during the course of that life. Those same skills just so happen to be very desirable when it comes to dispensing with the Darkness and its evil hosts. Ken is about to take a ride through insanity, a mind-melting trip to the far side of reality. In order to survive he will need to call upon the experiences from a life filled with adventure, with danger, and with blood. However, nothing is ever certain in the life of a Hunter, least of all life itself. Only those chosen to be Hunters may render battle unto the Darkness. Ken has been chosen – this is his story.
ISBN: 9781781769607
Type: Paperback
Pages: 720
Published: 21 November 2012
Price: $20.95

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