Dark Angel

DI Dark is asked by Chief Superintendent Henn to join the task force under DCI Mathers to help solve the murders of seven children over eight months in Greater Manchester, but Dark will only get involved if he’s in charge. Henn relents, hands the investigation to Dark and Lake and disbands the task force. As a consequence, Dark makes an enemy of Mathers. To assist with the investigation, Dark agrees to take two detectives that were previously part of the task force – DS Eliza Snell and DC Robert Lee. Slowly, the team unravel the motive behind the murders, but one of them must be sacrificed as a consequence. When Dark gives Hendrik the go ahead to hack into the Hendon server and gain access to Anthony Baker’s personnel records, the server is shut down for maintenance, but not before he finds three more photographs of Dark’s wife Ellie, and a page from a psychological evaluation by a Doctor Agatha Linton of a serial killer called “Robert”. Dark is then followed by men with guns, GPS trackers are hidden on his Rav-4 and Lake gets assaulted as a warning. Soon, it becomes clear that what they’re dealing with is much more deadly than one ex-copper on the run with Dark’s wife and children.
ISBN: 9781788769808
Type: Paperback
Pages: 374
Published: 11 September 2019
Price: $12.95

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