Wings of the Dawn

Parish and Richards must solve the case of a family murdered at a farm, which appears to be a revenge killing, but revenge for what? And by whom? And how are MI6 involved? There’s also Richards’ impending departure to London to work at SCIT, the man she meets who is due to take up a post at MI5, and DC Evie Maddison who will be replacing her in the Murder Team. Xena and Stick have the case of a torso found by building contractors in a cellar room that isn’t meant to exist at the old Hailey Green School. There’s also the issue of the holes in the cellar walls and floor, the runaway children, and Stick’s defective sperm. DCI Nibley begins recreating his father’s research on the Brethren of Hades in the old Armoury in the basement, but have they planted a man inside the station to watch him? And can he save his wife from an assassin?
ISBN: 9781788760881
Type: Paperback
Pages: 420
Published: 9 November 2017
Price: $14.45

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