The Heart Knoweth

Parish and Richards are sent to the British Virgin Islands to catch a child serial killer, but getting there is a matter of life and death. Xena and Stick have the case of a woman murdered in the library at Essex University’s Loughton Campus, but what appears to be a simple murder is anything but. Jerry, Joe and Bee are giving free advice at a Legal Clinic and are asked to investigate the resolution of a partnership dispute due to one partner’s fraudulent accounting, but things are not what they seem. Kowalski and Bronwyn are asked by a big London insurance company to take the case of a stately home burglary, which could lead to a significant finder’s fee if they get it right, but they fall foul of one of Kowalski’s old flames.
ISBN: 9781788764605
Type: Paperback
Pages: 426
Published: 2 August 2018
Price: $14.45

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