Environment is our 8th Anthology in a series that has included Music, Travel, transformation, nature, counter cultures, hate and other themes. A collection of poetry and short stories cover many aspects of the environment to inspire thought and discussion. A selection of writers both local, regionally and nationally have come together to offer their thoughts on the environment in poetry and prose from varied angles.The topic of the environment is handled sensibly and sensitively with no outrageous claims or propaganda. Instead there are elements of transcendence, appreciation, concern, improvement and respect, looking at our world around us and all that it offers us be it a beautiful landscape or an urban town zone, a scarred land now reclaimed or nature's torments in the form of volcanoes and wild fires. the natural wonder of the land takes pride of place over the despoiling issues of disintegration. The land is a 'common treasury for all'. From historic and documentary-style landscapes to stories of birds, caves, the coast and sea along with the season's, conditions, infrastructure and environmental flight, there is much to tease and please the senses, seeing what is around us in its full glory. Many writers have contributed to this study in their own unique way to provide a special covering of the environment.
ISBN: 9781835970706
Type: Paperback
Pages: 80
Published: 15 March 2024
Price: $9.29

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