This is a diverse collection of writings in celebration of life, philosophy and travel, with short stories, essays, creative writing and poetry. The book is intended as a developing and experimental digest of themes, explored with varying degrees of success and risk. The aim being to challenge oneself with words, to build narratives to make sense of the world and put a spotlight on the human condition. Two essays on eco-philosophy are within reach of the non-specialist and Heraclitus receives a brief introduction. The Philosophy herein though not intent on stirring controversy is critical and inviting debate. The appreciation and analysis of nature underpins and highlights topical themes, seeking answers plus increased awareness and debate. The travel tales take in the Greek islands of Kos, Patmos and Rhodes before moving on to Finland, the rest of Scandinavia and the Balearics then Catalonia. Uncovering the authenticity of the King of Sweden's cat proved to be a personal milestone. A selection of poems completes the mix. A selection of experimental writings invite the reader to examine and try out different topics and genres from creative writing inspired by music, a eulogy on a pet, what your shopping reveals about a person, a celebration of a season, reminiscences and experiences of a place known that holds a secret or is foreboding and the issue of love and despair that shape our lives.
ISBN: 9781839453144
Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Published: 22 May 2020
Price: $10.25

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