Earth Dance

Earth Dance is the sixth book in "The Dance" series of Collected poems by Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme) after Ghost Dance, Sun Dance, Dance of Days, Dance of Darkness and Storm Dance. ***** “Earth Dance is a collection that is anchored in love and the appreciation of divine energy tucked into the crevices of mundane fleeting moments. Calder-Murphy writes with clever internal rhyme and light imagery to give readers a glimpse of her song, sung out in poems about nature’s ever-changing seasons, the twinkling cosmos, motherhood, womanhood, and the journey of the striving Soul. She meticulously catalogues time passing and the changing world around her, as if taking colorful photographs with words. Her poem “A New Fairytale” is a rewriting and reimagining of the gender roles of woman, going from damsel in distress, to dragon slayer wielding her own fiery breath. “Sisters to Dragons/ Fire-born/ and borne on the flames,/ I fly -/ and from the hovering heights/ I plunge as if to die/ - and die again -/ and all that I might rise,/ my prize clasped to the sapphire sky.” Calder-Murphy’s gallantry of language claims victory over any oppressor! Earth Dance is a heart-filled, spirit-quenching movement through the natural world and the heavens. It is walking with bare feet in freshly cut wet grass. It is an homage to the cycle of life, the shedding of leaves in autumn, winter’s naked solitude, and the promising buds of spring. This collection is delightful in its honesty and introspection, enjoyable, and entertaining - a curl up on the couch by a warm fire type of read." • Kai Coggin, Author of Periscope Heart & Wingspan ***** “Earth Dance is an invitation to the natural rhythms of storytelling and vision. Each poem draws one into a meditative meandering through the elements – there is fire within as political implications can be inferred about what the people and planet require for sustainability. There is movement like water - a gentle babbling brook of reflection. There is wind, making its air and flight known through each verse. Finally, there is earth – grounded and solid, rooted and expansive, the words are the stories… and the stories are our path to learning the collective Earth Dance. Each poem can become a step in the choreography of All Our Relations. Arciemme has provided the invitation – we, the readers, are seasonally and endlessly welcome to attend to the curious adventure of Being Enough in this Earth Dance.” •Turtle Whisperer, Gail Dickert Author of Enlightened-ish: A Grief Memoir about Spiritual Awakening and blogger at ***** “Ruth Calder Murphy's mystical, magical and heartfelt poetry is certain to stir something deeply within. 'Earth Dance' is a beautiful gift to humanity.” •Trista Hendren - author and editor of “The Girl God” series
ISBN: 9781786109422
Type: Paperback
Pages: 248
Published: 5 May 2016
Price: $12.65

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