Storm Dance

Storm Dance is the fifth book in the series of Ruth Calder Murphy's collected poems. Arranged in chronological order, they invite the reader to join the poet on her journey - one step, leap, wing beat, revelation and transformation at a time. Praise for Storm Dance "Within these sacrosanct pages, Ruth has given more than just poetry. It is a glimpse into her journey; a transport to her world. A world full of beauty, of music, of magic and myth, and of most precious vulnerability. This experience that you hold in your hands is one that must not be missed." Charles McGarry Eccentryc Dragon Press "Every time a new book in "The Dance" series is born, I fall in love with Ruth Calder Murphy's poetry, all over again. The writing in Storm Dance is exquisite and the imagery excellent, as always. Storm Dance is mellow and hopeful. Even in the midst of struggles, the poems have something to teach and emotions to evoke. Along with the author, her poetry has matured over time and the wisdom in each one shines like the sun itself, as it dances through the storms." Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin Anthology of Oaken Grace
ISBN: 9781785102493
Type: Paperback
Pages: 247
Published: 10 November 2014
Price: $12.65

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