Empirical Evidence

In 1979 Ron Downley has left the mayhem of London and a crumbling marriage and transferred to a new post in the Plymouth Immigration Office seeking a fresh and more relaxed start in life. He acquires a Cornish cottage and forms a relationship with Polly Simpson, his arty neighbour in the village. Despite his best efforts to conform to the sedate work ethic of his older colleagues, all of whom are spending their last few years towards retirement, Ron's enthusiasm for the job leads to his uncovering a smuggling conspiracy of explosive proportions. Even the sleepy Devon backwaters are not immune to murder and corruption at a time when the IRA is acting out some of its most deadly atrocities.
ISBN: 9781782998280
Type: Paperback
Pages: 232
Published: 20 August 2013
Price: $12.65

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