Event Horizons

What if you were a teenage boy who finds he can access the Quantum Universe and move around a diversity of histories in speed-of-light, photon-driven thought? What if you had the capacity to stop Time at will and then un-make a specifically-chosen moment? If, like Scott, you blamed yourself for the death of your girlfriend, would you give it a shot? What if you somehow came in contact with a renowned Particle Physicist who had died, but had his brain cryonically frozen so that he too can manipulate the space-time continuum, but with decidedly malevolent intent? What if you learned that this psychopathic scientist had initiated a violent attack on a fellow scientist, putting him in a Permanent Vegetative State, and is only waiting for the life-support to be switched off so that he can usurp the esoteric knowledge that he craves from the freed ‘soul’? What if you discover that his intention is to go back in time, some 2000 odd years say, and prevent Jesus from attaining Divinity? What do you suppose you could do to stop him?
ISBN: 9781835970713
Type: Paperback
Pages: 192
Published: 14 March 2024
Price: $11.95

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