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As BRIAN BODMAN, writing as BILLY BODMAN, I have mostly lived all my life in the valleys of South Wales. I am constantly writing novels - various genres but having they basis on Wales - and recently took the decision to publish 7 (seven) of them, simultaneously as E-books. They can be found for downloading at major booksellers like Barnes and Noble et al. Two of these are sequels and I am writing the sequels to another couple. Also published my latest novel 'RUNNER' as a paperback through FeedARead which can now be found on Amazon and all other major bookstores. I am confident that 'YOU'LL NEVER BE BORED WITH A BOD'. The sequel to 'RUNNER' has now been published by FeedARead (FEb 2023). It is called 'HIRAETH', which is Welsh meaning A-longing-for-home. A third follow-on is in the offing.

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British Spymaster, the Earl of Tredomen, has always used his political intrigues to enhance his personal finances. Now that the Richleigh family are united once more making him cash-rich as a consequence, America becomes his sole aim where he is convinced....
ISBN: 9781803027470
Published: 21 February 2023
The Earl of Tredomen refuses to allow his historic estates to fall into terminal decline like so many of his aristocratic contemporaries during the mid-19th century, pinning his hopes on the gold-fields of California.He needs a trouble-shooter with distin....
ISBN: 9781803024141
Published: 4 March 2022