Flight of the Doves

Thera, a frozen world circling two suns: Freyja, a distant blue-white star and nearby Altas, a red dwarf. … A world locked in perpetual winter where ancient menhirs scatter sweeping, volcanic landscapes of snow, mountains and fierce winds. A realm in which warrioresses press-gang and roam. Maia is a hunter-gatherer. When she is captured by slave-traders, she is forced to join the Sisterhood, a mysterious cult presiding over the inhabitants of a citadel beneath the mountains, their rituals and reason for being lost in time. There, through learning, politics and deadly intrigue, she begins to discover the true meaning – The Purpose – of the Sisterhood. The teachings tell her that the Sisterhood exist to perpetuate the human life-cycle. But are they merely slaves to the ruling men? And who are the watchers in the sky? As part of the chosen, prophesied Seven Sisters, Maia begins her journey to freedom, leading her fellow captives through the labyrinths of a dead city in search of a fabled hinterland … This is a story of discovery and liberation against stagnation and oppression on a world that hints of shattering revelations. About the author: Nigel Plane was born in Leicestershire. He has written a series of novels centred around mystery and the paranormal, and several ghost stories published under the title Haunted Realm. His stories are inspired by a passion for history both ancient and modern, as well as walking and photographing the English landscape.
ISBN: 9781835970782
Type: Paperback
Pages: 370
Published: 4 May 2024
Price: $12.95

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