The Daughters of Carrawburgh

The Daughters of Carrawburgh is a paranormal, fast paced thriller with a contemporary setting, enriched by myth, folklore and the mysteries of our prehistoric heritage. Sam Layton, a respected psychic medium, is called upon by a reclusive landowner to determine how a murder at a prehistoric stone circle relates to human sacrifices that have occurred there through antiquity. He joins forces with Emma, an archaeologist grieving for her husband recently killed at the site, but events begin to affect him on a personal and dangerous level … While investigating the paranormal occurrences in the area, more gruesome archaeological finds are discovered. Layton believes they relate to events locked away in his childhood memories. He is also desperate to discover the fate of the woman he loves. Set against the atmospheric backdrop of ancient landscapes, stone circles, Roman ruins and ghosts, forests and moorland, The Daughters of Carrawburgh is a thrilling paranormal adventure, centering on a story of stone circles and the ghosts of Roman soldiers, rather than a world populated by monsters, dragons and trolls. NetGalley reviews: BA Leon 4.0 out of 5 stars: A paranormal/psychological thriller The past and the present intermingle in this psychological thriller, in which Sam will finally discover the meaning of the visions he has had since his childhood. Sam is a medium who has been invited to an archaeological excavation to contact the spirits of the people who were sacrificed on the site, a henge known as The Daughters of Carrawburgh. ALY I think this book is a good psychological thriller. It has psychics and a discovery of more gruesome archaeological finds. Sam is a very exciting character and the different experience he has are hair raising. I was very lost in this book and excited by it the whole time ...
ISBN: 9781839450556
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 222
Published: 4 November 2019
Price: $12.65

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