Ethan Rhodes' first day at the FBI is just what he expected - meeting his coworkers, getting his badge and gun, and naturally - taking crap for being only 5'5." His first case is designed to be open and shut. A brilliant geneticist, working for Bio-Life Industries, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, has committed suicide. He even left a note. Sarah Beeker is a struggling single mother and nurse. Exhausted from picking up every spare shift possible, Sarah's poor judgment leads to a patient's death. The attending doctor agrees to keep Sarah's name clear with the stipulation that she quit her job and join Bio-Life Industries. Unable to live with the unethical practices of her new employer, and its subtle threat against her three-year-old daughter's safety, Sarah becomes desperate. Agent Rhodes' case evidence soon implicates several upstanding individuals. Reluctantly, the FBI acts. But when Ethan's conspiracy theory results in a botched raid, his case is closed. His next assignment involves a missing nurse, and the trail leads him right back to Bio-Life Industries. Ethan crosses paths with Sarah, and the two race against time to expose an unthinkable genetics program that blurs the lines between cutting-edge technology and ethics.
ISBN: 9781908147394
Type: Paperback
Pages: 384
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $12.95

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