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G.S. Hitchcock was born in Upstate New York in 1972. His fascination with storytelling began as a way to express his creativity while pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Several years after getting a real job and beginning adult life, G.S. dedicated himself to the craft - writing nonstop, reading countless books on plot, pace, scene, structure, and baring his soul to countless critique groups. During this period, G.S. wrote three novels, including "Gods of Humanity" and "Chat Room." G.S. Hitchcock currently resides in Missouri with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children. By day he is a Plant Manager for a pasta company. At night, he is currently editing his third novel, "The Next Evolution," a science fiction novel that pushes the boundaries of evolution. It will be available in late 2016.

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Ethan Rhodes' first day at the FBI is just what he expected - meeting his coworkers, getting his badge and gun, and naturally - taking crap for being only 5'5." His first case is designed to be open and shut. A brilliant geneticist, working for Bio-Life I....
ISBN: 9781908147394
Published: 1 November 2011
ISBN: 9781849230667
Published: 8 December 2008
Due to a rare genetic disorder that should have killed him at birth, Adam Bladen is confined to the Virginia Genetics Institute. His religious parents, with the help of his fame-mongering doctor, treat him like a fragile glass ornament. All Adam wants to ....
ISBN: 9781839453045
Published: 7 May 2020