Gleninch;Tales of sex and dugs and sausage rolls

Meet Terry Tomkins, a young victim of bullying who is inspired to develop a machine to travel back in time. His father, a brilliant scientist is his inspiration and Terry manages to return to the 1970's to see his father as a teenager. What he finds initially shocks young Terry when he discovers his fathers past as a gang member. Follow Terry as he sees his father turn his life around following an incident in 1974. The story jumps back and forth as links between past and present cause Terry to wonder. This is not a children's book due to the strong language, sexual references and violence. For those who remember the 1970's a chance to reminisce, for the younger reader a chance to see what you parents were like at your age.
ISBN: 9781784078003
Type: Paperback
Pages: 164
Published: 17 June 2014
Price: $11.27

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