Homes for Heroes -Memories of Life in a 1940s Prefab

By Joan Brant and Denise Beddows
Like many ex-combatants returning from World War Two, Bob Brant needed a home for his young family. However, a great many houses had been destroyed in the Blitz and there was neither the money nor the manpower to build the half million new homes that were needed. The Government’s solution was to speed-build temporary, pre-fabricated homes in rural areas, such as at Finch Lane, Amersham. One of the last remaining ‘prefabs’ – the Brants’ house – is now an exhibit at Buckinghamshire’s Chiltern Open Air Museum. Bob’s daughter, Joan Brant, was born in that very ‘prefab’. This is a collection of warm and amusing memories of life in the Finch Lane prefab community.
ISBN: 9781788762373
Type: Paperback
Pages: 68
Published: 16 February 2018
Price: $6.49

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