How To Practice Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? What are the origins of mindfulness? How can I practise mindfulness meditation? What are some examples of meditation and training exercises? What is mindfulness based cognitive therapy? (MBCT) What does a 6 - 10 week mindfulness program include? How to practise mindfulness throughout the day? - in the workplace? What are the differences between awareness, consciousness, attention and mindfulness? ... These are some questions you may have been asking yourself about mindfulness. So did I. That is why I started on a quest to get to know more about this "hype". Only to discover that this "hype" has been lasting for over 2.500 years and that everybody can greatly benefit from practising mindfulness. So, please, join me on my path of discovery and find out also for yourself how mindfulness can positively influence your life!
ISBN: 9781785104473
Type: Paperback
Pages: 258
Published: 6 January 2015
Price: $13.02

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