June 1861. For the crime of unlawful killing, a magistrate sentenced Rufus Ironman to be deported from his country of birth for eleven years. His destination was Australia, on the other side of the world, a distance that could barely be comprehended. Rufus Ironman acted in self-defence. But because of his skills as a boxer, even against two men he had the advantage. And when one of the combatants died, the seriousness of his crime escalated. Now Convict No. 17693, awaited his removal from a village lockup and transportation to a hulk where he would be imprisoned before being shipped across thousands of miles of ocean to Australia. Would he survive the voyage? And could he control his temper in prison? Would he see England again?
ISBN: 9781803026695
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 298
Published: 22 November 2022
Price: $12.95

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