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It was the toughest of times. For the poor there were few if any best of times. Little or no law and order and next to no enforcement of justice. Anarchy best described life at the end of the eighteenth century. It would have continued without the emergen....
ISBN: 9781788763417
Published: 22 May 2018
Robbing graves, causing shipwrecks, murder and highway robbery were just some of the alternative ways of earning a living in the eighteenth century. Fighting crime was still a new concept. The rules were straightforward. Be faster, hit harder and carry a ....
ISBN: 9781788765008
Published: 12 September 2018
Most people had two choices. Work hard for little money and die an early death. Or turn to thieving and hang. Poverty drove many to crime. The wrong-doers far outnumbered those who craved peace and a safe life. In the midst of chaotic anarchy, a few striv....
ISBN: 9781788767767
Published: 18 March 2019
So many perils faced humanity at the beginning of the nineteenth century. From press-gangs to the pox-soaked bawds beckoning outside brothels. Only way to escape their attention was by hiding, fighting or running away. Furthermore it was always best to av....
ISBN: 9781788768047
Published: 10 April 2019