Kaleidoscope of Living Thoughts

By Alan Seymour and Betty Collins and Ken Collins
Having discovered this book in the early 1990’s I (and others) have used it many times for a reading in my Spiritualist church in Croydon. So many people have asked me where they might buy a copy and, on investigation, I have found that it is no longer available to buy. It is such an inspirational book containing Spirit communications explaining through a variety of subjects how the quality of mankind's physical lives can be improved through right thinking and right actions, thus adding to each individuals progress, both on earth and in the next life which Spiritualists' call the Spirit World. If you would like to know the true meaning and purpose of life here and in the hereafter this is a highly recommended read for people of any religion or none. Sadly, Betty and Ken Collins have passed to the Spirit World and no doubt, have been reacquainted with the people who inspired them to write this book. Despite extensive efforts to find and contact the original publisher, Regency Press, it appears that they no longer exist. In my opinion the contents of this book are too good to be forgotten, so I decide to self-publish the book and make it available to future generations. I see it as a fitting tribute to the work and dedication of Betty and Ken Collins.
ISBN: 9781839457579
Type: Paperback
Pages: 110
Published: 16 February 2021
Price: $10.25

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